Today, the New York Times features an article ( clearly intended to help the ruling class to sharpen the knife with which to further stab the workers in times to come.  All the fuzz about the crisis in public finances is a prep for the upcoming “austerity.”  Of course, “austerity” at the expense of — who else? — working people! Workers of the world, do not unite!  Instead, be envious of public employees in New Jersey who still enjoy a modicum of employment security that the rest of you don’t have. Divide et impera!  Not a word about the largest military budget in human history (

Update: To further document our outrage, two pieces linked by Louis Proyect:

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  1. They have knives; we have knives. They have divide and rule. We have solidarity. They have austerity for us. We have shorter work time with no cut in pay for us. They organise us as a class to produce for them. We organise ourselves as a class to gain greater and greater control and ownership of the collective product of our labour.

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