Caveat emptor


At first, I thought I’d devote my blog to commentary on politics and economics, mostly driven by news.  At some point, I started sharing some of my notes on socialism.  But then I stopped doing that, as I realized that many of the notes were rather unintelligible to readers.

I have a large stock of semi-digested ideas collected in notes to myself, mainly in categories that one would conventionally list as finance, public economics, and socialism.  They are, mostly, written in the way I talk to myself, which has been shaped up — obviously — by the intellectual traditions in which I grew up: Marxism and then conventional economic thinking.

The ideas in these notes start from external stimuli that stirred me up and sent me thinking in various directions.  I have a keen sense that this material is frustrating to read.  Still, adventurous and stubborn readers may find things of value in them.  That’s why I’m daring to post the notes here.  Readers beware.

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